Services that we offer

Sample Manufacturing

We offer a comprehensive sample manufacturing service. From material procurement and pattern making to artwork and fitting. The A-Z in sample manufacturing.

Clothing Design

Using current fashion trends to design individual garments or an entire range. We make use of Graphic Design software to digitally design your custom clothing. 


We offer a full range of clothing embellishments. Vinyl heat transfers, screen printing, embroidery, rubber badges, neck tape, and more. Anything you can find, we will try and source it. 

Pattern Making

We make use of manual paper pattern making that gets digitized and graded accordingly to either your, or our grade rule. Using Lectra, or other systems, we can provide you with a digital or paper pattern.

Fabric Cutting

We can cut fabric using automated cutting machines. Either following your cut rule or our recommend one depending on the fabric being cut. 

Pattern cutting is also available. We can print your pattern and cut accordingly. 

Grading and Markers

Using Lectra or Gerber, markers and grading are offered. Some may need to be outsourced depending on the software required. 

Sample Pricing

Please note that prices may change on a unique case basis. This depends on material costs, time, sophistication, and more. All pricing will be quoted to you before sample production. 

Cutting Pricing

Cutting is priced per pattern panel.

For example, if you have a 15 piece jacket and you wish to cut under 50 units, the price would be R0.75 x 15 = R11.25 per garment.