Influence Clothing is a small family-run clothing company from Cape Town, South Africa. Consisting of sales, artwork, sampling, and production, Influence Clothing can make some quality clothing. Ask our customers if you don’t believe me.  


Influence Clothing specializes in custom clothing. This means that we will make whatever the customer is looking for. We pride ourselves in this as it is not the easiest to turn your vision into clothing. 


Quality has always been at our forefront. It is the reason our customers keep coming back. It is the reason we see everyday people wearing our clothing 20 years after we made it. 


That is pretty much it. This is who we are. Nothing more, nothing less. Influence. 


Influence Clothing started well over 30 years ago.

It has sort of a romance novel feeling to it. A young wannabe businessman meets a young fashion designer and the rest is history. 

Influence Clothing soon became one of the bigger clothing manufacturing companies in Cape Town. Employing well over 400 employees! 

This caught the eye of some great customers and through the years, Influence has made so many people and businesses alike, happy with their clothing. 


Onto the present day, Influence has been passed down to the next generation. Continuing in the family as it hopefully should. 


Influence Clothing only wants one thing. To make our customers happy. 


Try us, i dare you. Not only will you be happy, you will look great too!