Your design. Our Influence.

What we do

Influence Clothing is a custom clothing manufacturer. Your one-stop-shop for everything manufacturing. From T-shirts and Shorts to Jackets and Pants. Anything you want, we make. 

From conception to retail or anything in-between, we can design, sample, and produce. 


Comprehensive clothing design. From conception all the way to a final product. Using the latest trends and fashion design, we will design your range of high quality clothing


Our in-house sample department makes use of top-quality equipment and locally sourced materials to create samples of your designed styles


Our artwork department is fitted with screen printing, vinyl, and embroidery capabilities. We can source all types of artwork that are locally available to use. 


Over 30 years of manufacturing clothing can only mean one thing: Quality. Our dedicated, fully South African manufacturing plant will ensure the best quality manufacturing at competitive prices.

Customers wearing custom clothing